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Copycat Post: Leaving

August 12, 2011

Lee posted yesterday on his leaving of Plymouth after 4 years of study. Whilst I left Plymouth over a year ago now, I’m also on the move again. After I left the grand city of Plymouth (I don’t think it’s often described as grand) I struggled to find a job, such is the times, and volunteered for a bit living from home.

In fact, it was only shortly before this blog started in January that I had managed to get a job, and even then it was an internship (paid, mind). For some reason, I’m still there 5 months past the internship, whether they just haven’t noticed or something I don’t know. Now I’m there on a permanent basis (they didn’t want me to go really), and Tash also will be starting a new job, it’s time to move out of the comfort of living at home and live in even more comfort with Tash in our new house near Hinckley, Leicester way.

Obviously, this will have huge implications for my food intake and you’ll be the first to hear of it. But for the next few days don’t expect to hear to much from me, I will be undertaking the ‘furnish a house in a weekend’ challenge.

Hope you enjoyed learning my employment history from the last year, it’s just so interesting.

Parting food:
8:30 Sugar Puffs
13:30 Cheese and an onion bap [Completely forgot about this! Check the picture below, literally half an onion shoved into a stale cheese sandwich. Crap doesn’t begin to describe it.], salt and pepper crisps
15:00 Jammy dodger
18:20 Meatballs and pasta, some Percy Pigs



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