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The Difference between Hell's Kitchen USA & The Apprentice

August 15, 2011

hells kitchen america

There are some obvious differences between the two; ones about food, ones about attempting to talk the most abysmal dribble. There are also some similarities; they are both a group of over confident men and women trying to produce an end product that will impress boorish, out spoken man.

But the key difference that stands out for me is the complete lack of leadership that exists in Hell’s Kitchen. In the Apprentice there is at least a nominated project manager, but in Hell’s Kitchen its worse than a disorderly zoo full of apes.

Eaten Today:

09.10 Peanut Butter on Tiger Bread and a Clementine
11.15 Muller Corner
13.50 Half a chicken and bacon baguette, 5 x mini doughnut, Muller Corner
19.05 Thai Fish Cakes with mashed potato and broccoli
21.25 Rolo’s (but not the last one)

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