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The Real Greek, Westfield, London

August 16, 2011

Today’s trip around London started with a Wrap It Up chilli burrito at Liverpool street and ended with in Westfeild’s ‘The Real Greek‘.

The current summer promotion they have on is a 7 dish meze and two drinks of either beer, wine or coke (the glass bottled stuff) for £20. There were four of us so we doubled up and tried a bit of everything on the menu (as below) and it was pretty good.

It always helps when the sun is beating down as it sets on your neck, and the water fountain is singing waves songs in the background; but the food and beer was just as tasty as some of the stuff I’ve tried in Cyprus.

Overall I left with a content stomach, appeased taste buds and as a general all rounder for dinner out with friends I’d say give Greek a go.

Best dishes – Tzatziki, Tahini Keftedes, Chicken Skewer.
Ones to avoid – Tahini, Gigandes Plaki.

You can download this voucher here, although the sign outside says just the same so I doubt you’ll need it.

Eaten Today:

08.15 Toast x2 with peanut butter and later a mouth full of Laura’s cheerios.
13.40 Chilli Beef Burrito
14.50 Double chocolate cookie
18.35 Meze: Greek Flatbread, Crudites, Hummus, Calamari, Tzatziki, Gigandes, Grilled Halloumi, Tahini Kefteded, Grilled Asparagus, Chicken Skewer, Green bean, chickpea and Spinach, Beetroot, Feta & Lentil, New Potato, Lahanosalata.
19.40 Some chocolate fudge cake (not a whole slice).
23.20 Muller Corner

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