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Marrakech Day Two: Jemaa El Fna

August 18, 2011


Sitting by the pool at my hotel in Marrakech gives plenty of time to relax and become increasingly aligned to the heat. In yesterday’s post I noted my first observations of the city, the begging in the streets and the disappointment of resorting to a McDonalds for dinner.

What I didn’t mention last night were the events leading to the eventual burger. After leaving the hotel we ran into a couple surveying their map, looking lost. Clearly looking in a similar position they asked us where we might be. I resisted saying Morroco, and said we knew as well as them and that we were looking for somewhere to eat. Looking up from his map, the male half of the couple said, “we are too” glancing across at the impressively large KFC in front of us he remarked “KFC is great, but I didn’t come to Morocco for some fried chicken!”. Hilariously, he ended up ahead of us in the queue for McDonalds.

Now we’ve been here for almost a couple of days. While yesterday was a long day from getting up at 12:45am in drizzly England, arriving almost 9 hours later at Marrakech airport in searing heat, today has been a much more relaxed affair. Spent by the pool reading with 2 ventures out into different parts of the city.

First we had a long walk into the New City in search of a shop to buy some bottled water. This was harder than you might think but in the end we found some. Later in the afternoon we decided to pop over to the local supermarket. The thing that stood out to me was the lack of deals. Literally none at all. I’m still undecided if it’s a good thing or not.

Then, this evening, we have been to the famous Jemaa el fna. It’s a market, a big one, which changes dramatically by night into a huge food market featuring some phenomenal salesmen and great food all prepared in the street, right in front of you. Plenty to look at as you eat even if it’s just watching the salesmen pull in people off the street at will – I don’t even think some of these people were hungry, but they were made to believe they were!

Eaten today:
9:30 Bread, toast, pastries
15:20 Crisps, cheese, bread, haribo
18:30 Night Market street food at Jemaa el fna (google that one) – bread, tomato salsa dip, chips, vegetable kebabs


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  1. Lee Fordham permalink*
    August 18, 2011 10:52 pm

    Funny observation about the supermarket, I noticed the same in Barcelona and Cyprus. Maybe there is a mega post in there somewhere. Hope you’re having a good time!

    • August 19, 2011 7:07 pm

      I think deals are a bad thing, they stop you buying what you really want and tempt you to buy more of what you don’t. Inevitably that’s extra waste, and usually at the cost of the producers rather than the supermarket.

      The other thing is that I don’t think the supermarkets are used much over here, the markets have everything you need and probably cheaper!

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