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Marrakech Day Three: like a fan oven

August 19, 2011

So my third day in Marrakech, Morocco, and I’ve barely mentioned the heat… I think. Today has been the hottest day so far, reaching 43 degrees in the late afternoon. Not only that but it was breezy, whipping up all kinds of dirt and dust of the floor, seemingly straight into your face.

I would describe it as a once in a lifetime ‘fan oven’ experience. Once in a lifetime because if you’ve experienced it once you’ll make a point of never experiencing it again.

Today we had lunch at the hotel. An assortment of sandwiches on the menu and I opted for the club sandwich. Back home you know what your getting with a club sandwich, but here I had no idea what to expect. This was part of the draw, I wanted to see their interpretation. However, after seeing it, I didn’t really want to taste their interpretation. It was egg and chicken with salad, tomatoes and mayonnaise. I’m not the biggest fan of egg sandwiches, particularly when part of the yolk is black.

This evening we’re dining in the hotel too. Walking through the Djemaa el fna earlier we weren’t really hungry, but I was certainly tempted when one of the touts rubbed my belly, said “You’re skinny, you must be starvin’ marvin”, followed by “Come to 117, we’ll take you to heaven! Winner winner chicken dinner!”. Both times we’ve ventured into the Djemaa el fna it’s been good fun and I’m sure we’ll eat there again some time this week.

We had 4 cheese pizza tonight, I liked it. It was different to the usual mix-up-all-the-cheeses-and-chuck-them-over-the-pizza approach as you can see from the picture below.

Eaten today:
9:30 Toast, waffle, crepe, pastry
14:10 Club sandwich with chips, some crisps, a biscuit
20:40 4 cheese pizza


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