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Marrakech: Fantasia Dinner

August 21, 2011

Last night was bizarre. We were at the Fantasia dinner and show, featuring a suite of traditional Moroccan foods, music and performances. Based on these selling points, the night was dire.

The focal point was the dinner, which was pretty horrendous. The starter of soup was gloupy and tasted much like lamb, despite it being ‘vegetarian’. Following the soup was the main of lamb. Appearing as a carcass cooked in a sauna, it was placed on our table of eight with all staring at the gory mess placed in front of us under the guise of dinner.

Obviously, the tentative manner with which we approached the fatty slab of bones attracted one of the hosts over to carve the meat for us (see before and after pictures below). This involved hacking at the length of the meat in a frantic, non uniform way which sprayed bits of meat, bone and fat across the table. Not wanting to judge a book by it’s cover (or a piece of meat by it’s appearance, smell and fatty, sweaty texture) I decided to try some. I was surprised, it wasn’t as slimy as I had imagined, but was instead gristly and chewy. I had no more.

The following course was cous cous, which wasn’t particularly nice but was edible. The whole meal was eaten whilst surrounded by musicians, banging bongos, tambourines and whatever they could get their hands on. While in your house the question at dinner time is, “your turn to cook?”. If we are to go by this dinner, in Marrakech the question is, “your turn to bang a tambourine and shout or mine?”.

On to the show… Equally as impressive. As far as I can tell, fantasia is a story of some sort, involving belly dancing, horse tricks and many people banging tambourines. The highlight of this show was the horse tricks, but in an hour long show 5 minutes of horse tricks wasn’t enough to make me want to ever do it again.



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