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Marrakech Day Six: Cafes

August 22, 2011

The sixth day of our Morrocan trip was a slightly cooler one, yet temperatures of over 30 degrees would be incredibly hot in England. Tonight we’ve been back to the Djemaa el fna square, but rather than eat on a market stall again, we chose a terrace cafe of which name I have forgotten.

Frankly, from the experiences of this trip, I must say that eating in the market provides a far more enjoyable, tasty and friendly experience than many of the cafes surrounding. Tonight we both had plain margarita pizza, not exactly Morrocan and not exactly nice. The frequent water spray that you wouldn’t see in England unless there was a fire, was also quite annoying.

All in all if you’re planning a trip to Marrakech, then sample the market and dodge the cafes in the same way you have to dodge snakes, monkeys, henna tattoos, orange juice and a whole suite of other paraphernalia.

Eaten today:
9:40 Waffle, toast
13:30 Chips
19:00 Pizza


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