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New Things Change Life

August 24, 2011

As the self proclaimed ‘recipe week’ came to a close yesterday with a spectacular Thai green curry, today I’m almost struggling to think of a post that isn’t a tantalising recipe. Having said that, since a week ago there have been a few notable changes in my life that have significantly changed my eating habits and indeed must have the folks over at Tescos Clubcard Research Centre a tad confused.  

The two most major changes are:

1) Moving home to Cheshunt, just outside of London. We’ve moved in with Laura’s parents for a little while so in the space of a week my eating habits changed from student to luxury

2) Starting a new job for a brand research & innovation hub in West London. One of the employee perks of this job is that fruit is provided free, which will hopefully be the second major improvement in my diet. The downside is the nearly 90 minute commute each way. 

Combining the two of these major changes with the cultural diversity of London should mean exciting new things for One Chicken Nugget, such as internationally infused recipes and brand new reviews. 

Also to those of you worrying whether or not Americano Plymouth will ever receive another review; fear not, I’m sure Tom and I might be able to make one final trip before the year, and thus the blog, is up…

Eaten Today:

07.10 Bran Flakes and Banana
11.05 Banana
12.40 Lasagne with Fries and an Orange
15.15 Pear
18.30 Spaghetti Bolognese
22.00 Yoghurt

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