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Commuting Away Time?

August 25, 2011

Time in London is precious. If you’re not careful time in London is gone. It’s one big ticking time bomb waiting to explode into the next day.The experience that I’m sure is shared by many Londoners, and indeed anyone else that lives in an urban hub, is the cycle of commuting revolutions that happen at least five times a week.There and back. There and back. There and back… Before you know it, your back in bed sleeping away the few hours before the whole thing starts again. So to avoid watching the premiere of your life flicking away before your very eyes, some things have to change.

I come to this as an outsider. An outsider with four days experience of commuting. An outsider whose not too desensitised to understand the urban time hustle.

My thoughts are evolving everyday as I learn to deal with my situation. My thoughts may echo those of every commuter or it might be the dribble of a ludicrously inexperienced under the ground train user.

Thought 1: Change your Conception of Leisure Time

Imagine your lying on the beach, waves bustling, sand between your toes, music beating in your ears and your mind engrossed within every twist and turn playing itself out in your book. There is no question about it, that’s leisure time. Now imaging this; your sat basking in the mornings heat, listing to calm of acoustic strings attached to your ears whilst casting your eyes across the local morning news. Leisure time? You decide, you’re on the tube.

Thought 2: Change the way you Eat

At some point in the last thirty years, the time dinner was served moved from midday to mid evening. Supper became dinner and lunch became, well, lunch. This change might have occurred because of changing working patterns, globalisation, space or travel (distance away from family home). However, lunch time is now one of the only periods that employer are obliged to ensure you partake in. So why not take back this old tradition, have a hearty cooked lunch and enjoy more time in the evening with a simple supper.

Eaten Today:

07.20 Bran Flakes
11.10 Banana
13.25 Hoisin Beef and Cashew Nut Salad with Fries
16.05 Club Bar
21.10 Poached Egg on Toast
21.20 Raspberry Jelly

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