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Kellogg's Brand Flakes

August 26, 2011

Imagine this; some mischievous, lunatic child has escaped from his mother in the supermarket, ran over to the bran flakes and in a bizarre act, switched the content of the Kellogg’s box with the supermarket box. This kid has done it so meticulously that he’s also managed to do it without leaving a sign that the box has been tampered with…

…Once the brown flakes hit the bowl and are greeted with ice cold milk from the fridge surely your sleepy taste buds (especially those buds that have just been obliterated by tooth paste) couldn’t recognise the difference between Kellogg’s bran flakes and shop’s own brand bran flakes. The ingredients are almost exactly the same, as is the aesthetics of the end product and the taste. So why then are we willing to shell out an extra pound or so for the Kellogg’s ones?

The answer is because Kellogg’s, like most successful brands, are not selling cereal, they’re selling a lifestyle and the cereal is simply another marketing tool in their box. They’re really selling the ideals and values of a healthy, athletic lifestyle. They’re selling a blue box of success gleaming with Chris Hoy’s gold medal Olympic face splashed across it.

Ultimately, beneath all the branding, Kellogg’s are selling the fuel that will keep your stomach sustained until lunch time. They’re selling breakfast. They’re selling the same stuff as the supermarket brand; only packaged up differently.

Eaten Today:

07.10 Kellogg’s Bran Flakes
11.05 Banana
13.45 Milano Sandwich and an apple
15.30 3 Chocolate Hobnobs
16.50 Cheese Twist
18.10 Toast x1
19.30 Chicken and Mediterranean Vegetables Risotto with Garlic Bread
Later Cookie, Robinsons Fruit Shoots, Popcorn

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