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A Hopeful Return to Unknown Normality

August 28, 2011

As an avid One Chicken Nugget reader, you will already know that both Lee and myself have both recently upped sticks and moved houses (although completely separately but coincidentally at the same time), so of course there is no need to tell you.

This, particularly for me, has caused great disruption in my eating habits and posting here habits. And, of course, there was also a holiday in the mix (mega post still not done, it’s in the works).

This weekend has been a weekend of extensive flat pack furniture assembly. On Friday night, I had a fun-filled three hours with various parts of a bed – resulting in probably the best bed in the world, because I made it. Of course, in the real world I merely ‘finished it off’, but in the same way a man makes a ready meal while his wife is away for the weekend, I feel like I grew the trees the wood came from for the damn thing.

Today, I turned my blistered and bruised hands to desk making. This was a much simpler task thanks to the clever introduction of pre-drilled holes.

I can now see the light, and have no interest in filling any more time of this bank holiday weekend with further carpentry. Not only that, but I think I have filled this house to capacity with self-assembled furniture, to the extent that my ‘office’ is in the ‘loft’. The loft is actually the oddest feature of the house, but one which I like the most. It is essentially an indoor balcony, accessible only by a ladder protruding into a hole in the roof.

Furniture made and holiday over, I can now hope for an aspect of normality to creep back into life. However, with this moving house and change in lifestyle, I don’t know what this normality will be. For Lee, his new normality seems to be reading the BBC food website and cooking it’s contents. I can imagine mine will be similar (although I like the Guardian).

All I can hope, is that the new normality hasn’t already started because my hands cannot take much more screwing, and my eyes cannot take much more inadequate instruction on A attaching to F through a series complicated actions involving 8, 2 and B21.

Today’s Food:

10:30 Lion Cereal
13:00 Bagel x2, cheese and onion crisps, mars planets
19:10 Lasagne, salad, garlic bread

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