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How To: Perfect Club Sandwich

August 29, 2011

Today is a bank holiday; the last bank holiday of the year in fact. So instead of working on a delicious post all day, instead I have searched the internet and with a little help from Andrew Parkinson (Executive Chef at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen) and I’ve found the Perfect Club Sandwich.

STEP 1: Use a classic thick-cut white bread. Toast it well. If it’s too lightly done, it’ll be floppy. Butter all three slices.

STEP 2: Roughly cut some lettuce, spoon in some mayonnaise, and mix it up as gooey as you like. It’s better to pre-mix than trying to spread the mayonnaise on the already buttered bread.

For the rest of the post head over to where you’ll also find tips on how to carve a turkey, eat healthily and cook the perfect beef carvery.

Eaten Today:

09.30 Poached Egg on Bagel
11.05 Chocolate Brownie Piece
14.50 Nando’s: Hot Chicken Pitta with Spicy Rice and Corn on the Cob
16.00 Slice of toast
19.25 Roast Beef, Roast Potatoes, Peas and Carrots
21.00 Yoghurt

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