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Spud-U-Like: The World's First Carbon Neutral Fast Food Restaurant

August 30, 2011

Not for the first time, I’ve been to ‘spud-u-like’, the fast food restaurant with the green, plastic and useless cutlery, you know the one. However, this was my first visit to the Leicester outlet since my house move, and again my need for semi-healthy fast food was satisfied.

The fast food craze of McDonalds, Burger King and KFC (amongst many, many others) has been a vastly unhealthy one. Obviously, it’s perfectly healthy ‘as part of a balanced diet’, but when your diet consists of stodgy burgers and cardboard fries with the nutritional value of my desk (that’s a lazy comparison based on what is in front of me), it’s quite unbalanced.

These big names work hard to rid themselves of this unhealthy, cheap, fast food image. McDonalds seems to have almost completely removed itself from the colour red, which I find fascinating. And it’s also no surprise that they take huge pride in their CSR policies on sustainability, health and well-being. But wouldn’t it be great to have the best of both worlds? A fast food restaurant serving up great, nutritious, healthy food which is produced with all aspects of sustainability considered.

The potential is there with spud-u-like. Potatoes are healthy, it’s easy to produce them sustainably and spud-u-like as a company seem committed to becoming the world’s first Carbon Neutral fast food restaurant. What they don’t have is somewhere to shout about it. Their website is plain awful, I haven’t seen them on TV, I haven’t read about them in the paper, how do you find out about them without walking in? Perhaps that’s enough, but for the first Carbon Neutral fast food restaurant, it’s something that I would want to shout about. As they aren’t I am, well done them! Now sort out your website.

Today’s food:
07:40 Lion cereal
12:35 Cheese and tomato chutney sandwich, seabrook crisps, brunch bar, apple
18:50 Spag bol
19:30 Custard cream

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