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Tiramisu (without the Italian Coffee)

August 30, 2011

A couple of weeks ago during the Super BBQ, I sampled something that looked very similar to Tiramisu. However as the delicious light texture met my taste buds they were greeted not with rich Italian coffee, but instead the taste of a fruity refreshing summer harvest. Tiramisu just got interesting.

Here is the simple recipe!


2 x 250g pots mascarpone
500g pot Asda Chosen by you British Fresh Custard
300g raspberries
4tbsp Cointreau
6tbsp orange juice
26-28 sponge fingers
1 level tbsp cocoa, sieved






1. Put the mascarpone in a bowl and stir to soften. Gradually whisk in the custard until smooth.
2. Spread one third of the mixture in the base of a 20cm x 26cm, 4cm 
deep dish. Scatter on half of the raspberries.
3. Mix the Cointreau and orange juice together and dip in half the sponge fingers for a few seconds. Arrange them neatly in the dish.
4. Cover with another third of the mascarpone and the remaining raspberries.
5. Dip the rest of the sponge fingers as before and arrange on top. Cover with the last of the mascarpone.
6. Chill for at least 2 hours.
7. Dust the surface with the cocoa before serving.

Recipe taken from ASDA Magazine and sourced by the Harrilds.

Eaten Today:

07.15 Special K
12.05 Banana
14.10 Chicken Pesto Pasta
16.15 Grapes, Mini Chomp, Mini Fudge and Mini Caramel
19.15 Banana, Pineapple and Coconut Cupcakes x3 by Laura
20.10 Lasagne and salad

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