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Food is Ultimate Security Need

September 4, 2011

A new map, published on the Guardian’s Damian Carrington’s blog, shows the shocking relationship between food availability and civil warfare adding weight to the global food price strikes and civil conflict correlation theory.

It’s a textbook case of why things go wrong. War begets poverty, leaving food unaffordable. Devastated infrastructure destroys both food production and the ability to truck in emergency food. The collapse of society means the effects of extreme weather such as drought cannot be dealt with. And the fear of violence turns people into refugees, leaving their livelihoods and social networks behind

The theory is by no means a new or revolutionary idea, but it is nonetheless a stark reminder of the long term snowball effect of civil warfare and the resulting cycle of famine and vice versa.

Chewed on Today:

11.35 Bran Flakes with Grapes
16.05 Ham Sandwich with a few Crisps
19.50 Gammon, Roast Potatoes, Carrots and Roast Courgette
20.25 A spoonful of ice cream, 8 Malteasers and Toblerone

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