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Food Quiz Answers

September 6, 2011

Last week I did a little food quiz. Today’s post is the answers to that quiz, but for those of you who haven’t done it yet, here are the questions again?

What are the five descriptions referring to?

1) Carrot’s White Sister?
2) Doughnut Seeds?
3) Muddy Apple?
4) Orange Candle Holder?
5) Green Marbles?

The answers are here although coded with a very simple next letter code just in case you haven’t done it yet:


1) qbstojq
2) diffsjpt
3) qpubup
4) qvnqljo
5) hsbqft

There you go.

Eaten Today:

06.40 Toast x2
11.00 Banana and Pastry
13.50 Penne Pasta Bolognese followed by Grapes and Clementine
16.10 Banana
19.50 Lasagne, Salad and Bread followed by Frozen Banana, Grapes and Oreo x2

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