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[RECIPE] Sausage and Mash with Onion Gravy

September 6, 2011

Yet another recipe for you this week, aren’t you lucky! This time it’s the “best sausage and mash I’ve ever had” (direct quote from Tash).

Serves 2
You will need:
4 sausages (don’t skimp out, it’s the main part of the meal!)
3 medium sized potatoes – preferably floury variety
Half an onion
Gravy granules

Start off by chopping the potatoes (don’t peel – why lose all the flavour and nutrition of the skin, and if anyone complains/questions it, tell them its rustic) into quarters and then add to cold water and bring to boil. Add a clove of garlic to the water and a sprig of mint (the flavour barely comes through but the smell is good)

Get the sausages going now in the frying pan. It seems early but they’ll always take longer than you think. Add the onions to pan now but remove before they burn.

Prepare the gravy and add the onions. When the potatoes are ready, drain them and add a splash of milk and a heaped teaspoon of butter and mash.

Serve drizzled (or dripping – you chose!) in the onion gravy. Done. Man food for sure.

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