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A Reggae Musician Who Didn't Stop With Sauce

September 11, 2011

Back in 2007 Levi Roots appeared on TV show, Dragons Den, pitching his sauce through the medium of reggae. Dragons, Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh, bought into the business, which at the time was just making sauce.

Four years on, you can find his sauces (really good too, was a regular buy throughout university for me) all over the country in all of the big supermarkets. Not only that but you can also find ‘jar’ (marinades and curry sauces) now too, as well as his own pizza.

He’s not stopped there, however. He also has an iphone app! But sticking to edibles, he also has a ginger beer. I’m currently drinking this ginger beer and I can confirm that it is good. I hope this man doesn’t stop at food, drink, music and technology. There is probably much more that he can do.

For a full range of Levi’s products look here on his website.

What I’ve eaten today:
12:30 Cold dominos and crisps and dip.
16:09 Custard creams
19:00 Krave cereal
21:00 After 8’s

Image by Acampbell3000 [Wikipedia]

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