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Do We Buy Cookery Books for Recipes?

September 18, 2011

Cookery Books are great. Proud hard back delicious covers that sit upright on our shelves. Jamie Oliver’s 30-Minute Meals became the fastest selling non fiction book, ever. Most households own at least a few of them and the average foodie owns a library.

A great Christmas present; a relic to bring back from holiday; or even an impulse buy here and there; they quickly build up and they’re something you’ll never quite be done with. Unlike most books, a cookbook is something you’ll never finish. You could cook every recipe in the book a thousand time and you’ll still have to hang onto it.

But in an age of internet recipes, are cookbooks becoming redundant? With fantastic websites like BBC Good Food and Channel 4 Food; brand food channels such as ‘PhillyRecipes‘ on Youtube; and countless awesome and creative food blogs (Word of Mouth, Missie Cindz, South Devon Chilli Farm or Shake Up Your Wake Up, to name but a mere few) why would you ever look anywhere else for recipes?

Added to this, is the restriction of cookery books. The internet is so well organised that you can quite literally search by cuisine, chef, ingredients, even time, or calories (or all of them at the same time). The best you’ve got with a cook book is the index and contents. So why then do we hang onto and continue collecting these cook books? Surely it’s not really for recipes? To remove every cook book you own would free up a huge amount of clutter. To use the internet exclusively for recipe searches would surely be easier and yield better results. To open our eyes to everything on the web would surely improve our culinary awareness?

On the surface level it seems simple. Pull out all your cookbooks and take them down to the nearest charity shop (but make sure that those shops haven’t read this post!) But it’s not that simple is it? The recipe books are worth far more than simple recipes. The emotional connection we have with these books is huge. Presents; stark reminders of a special occasion; memories of the first time we cooked that dish; a picture book and much more. Cookbooks are the romantic love stories of our history with food. The internet just spiced the whole thing up a little…

Photo Credit: Kim-Leng on Flickr

Eaten Today:

10.35 Bran Flakes
14.10 Halloumi Pitta with salad
19.00 Roast Pork, Roast Potatoes, Carrots and Cabbage followed by Magnum White
Also Shortbread, Marshmellows and Mango

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