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Poor Posts

September 26, 2011

A series of unexpected events recently have left my posts a bit lot short of the mark. I think Tom would agree that writing a post everyday is difficult enough; so writing a post that you are proud to post everyday is almost impossible. In that sense perhaps our mantra should really be, post the best post you can post. But there is one key obstacle making that mantra very difficult; time. Or to put it more accurately, lack of time.

But it’s not impossible to write a good post everyday. There are some incredible bloggers that pull it out the bag day in, day out. So this post is me taking my hat off to three of my favourite daily blogs that I’ve read for as long as I can remember:

1) Seth’s Blog – an inspirational daily thought.
2) Arseblog – A blog about Arsenal football club. If you’re into football (especially Arsenal) this is the best in class.

Actually that’s it for daily blogs, but here’s another favourite!

3) Deliciousdays – started as a daily food blog.

To all of you, my hat is off.


06.30 Toast x2
10.30 Toast x2
12.00 Banana
14.05 Bacon Sandwich and Crinkles Crisps
18.05 Slice of Pizza
21.10 Chinese Vegetable Stir Fry Noodles

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