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Nestlé Creates TV Ad… for Dogs

October 3, 2011

Food company Nestle Purina produced the 24-second advert, selling Beneful dog food, using a high-pitched whistle, which only dogs can hear.

Story courtesy of the Metro

Behavioural experts from the US researched the technique of dog-only frequencies, studying which sounds would have the most effect on canines in front of the television screen.

The advert features a dog twitching it’s ears with attention as its owner squeaks a toy duck, this is soon followed by the high frequency whistle, which it is hoped will attract the dog watching the advert.

The sound occurs twice within the clip and is near enough impossible for any human to hear.

The approach to use a dog whistle frequency within the advert, is a new strategy from the company to get pets interested in the products, along with their owners, increasing that shared bond between the two.

Austria will be the first country to air the advert on national television this week, with Nestle hoping to increase its pet food market sales, which make up 12 per cent of its profits.

The Beneful dog food advert follows previous campaigns targeting dogs.

The UK’s Wagg Foods company produced dog-food scented billboards in 2010, while in 2001 Animal Planet placed ads smelling of dog urine at the base of lamp posts to promote the Animal Planet awards.

Eaten Today:

06.15 Honey Waffles
10.30 Peanut Butter on Toast
12.00 Banana
14.30 Chilli Jam Chicken Ciabatta
20.55 Chicken Noodles
22.15 Ben & Jerry’s

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