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Mixing it up

October 6, 2011

Lee wrote yesterday on his routine, and how he broke it. So if you want to read a day-in-the-life of Lee, take a look at yesterday’s post. Everyone has routines, some more stringent than others. I have a routine, but it changes.

Here are three routines I like to change (not regularly as that too would be a routine, instead it is completely irregular change brought about by spontaneous behavior):

  1. Breakfast: Cereal is the staple, it’s always there. BUT, it changes. I hate buying the same cereal every week, I avoid it like the plague. It is perhaps something that is brought about by the sheer selection of cereals placed before me in the supermarket that makes me feel like buying the same one again is just plain wrong. On odd occasions I’ll also have a bagel or toast or other baked goods, just for the hell of it. I don’t even like them.
  2. Lunch: I’ve had noodles two days running and on the other days I seem to be eating cheese sandwiches. This is grating on me, it’s got to change. It’s part of the reason that I need (not want) to write a lunch box cook book.
  3. Commuting: I never arrive at the same time for work. Normally this is nothing to do with me, but when I leave work I sometimes go a different way. Maybe one way is quicker, I don’t know, but even if it was I would still do it. There’s absolutely no reason for me to do this and it’s usually a subconscious decision.

Obviously, there is absolutely nothing wrong with routines. Without them we’d all be showing up to work at random times in random attire with no clue what we were doing. But I can’t have the same breakfast cereal for longer than a week.


7:20 Bagel with nutella
13:10 Noodles, banana
18:50 sunbites, Pasta bake, malteasers

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