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Slow Sunday

October 9, 2011

Today, everything has taken an absolute age to do. It’s like the day has been in slow motion. Starting off this morning I applied the finishing touches to a website which me and Lee have been working on for a while now. It’s now all done and ready to be absorbed by the world so if you want to take a look, it’s all on show here.

That task alone took at least 3 hours, when all I had to do was change the permissions on a folder. A task which could have taken 3 minutes, had I known what to do.

Then I set about the task of the century, updating my music collection with new music. This is something that happens very rarely, and to be honest I’m glad. It’s something that I usually have to do before I take up running for the umpteenth time, realising that if I’m going to have to be breathless and pouring with sweat, I may as well be listening to some music I like.

As I have an iPhone (I’m not bragging, I just do) I decided that the best way to update my mobile music collection was through the means of itunes. Whenever I plug my phone into my computer I enter into a long battle of crashes and general slow behaviour. So rather than start that war, I decided to buy the music I wanted beforehand.

In one of the most unlikely events of all time, this was the stage that took the longest time in the music updating process. It seems I am very picky about what I buy. Generally, I think I’m looking for music of the 80s genera but produced in the last year or so. That seems a strange ask, as the 80s already exist, what was wrong with them? Well, nothing. But I’ve heard the 80s and that’s not what I want. I want music from 2011 that sounds like it was made in the 80s. Are you confused? I was too, and it took me at least 2 hours worth of listening to 1 minute previews of songs I didn’t want to buy.

Here’s what I ended up buying. I am satisfied with this choice too.

One thing that hasn’t taken a long time today, has been food. I’ve eaten reasonably fast food today, from a pot noodle at lunch to a pizza for dinner. It’s this strange mix of slow and fast today, that has resulted in this Sunday essay.

Eaten today:

10:10 Cereal
14:15 Pot noodle, sunbites
15:30 Toast w/ nutella
19:45 Pizza

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