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Shared kitchens: a food fight

October 11, 2011

Occasionally, some national newspaper (or news agency as they might prefer to call themselves these day) will write a post that is far superior to a post I could possibly conjure up after a full days work followed by a 90 minute commute… Today is one of those days and the Guardian write a post that I thought was worth sharing. So what’s it like sharing a kitchen? I personally have never really been troubled by the whole experience saving a lot of money sharing the cost of meals and the workload of shopping, chopping and blitzing, but here’s the Guardian’s take on it:

A kitchen shared with a partner or flatmates can too easily become a battleground. Have your talents ever landed you in hot water, or have you ever felt the need to label your eggs or hide the olive oil?

Tales of marital strife stemming from the bedroom or bank are two a penny, but are clashes in the kitchen a new reason to seek a prenup? Recently in Egypt a woman reportedly filed for divorce on the grounds that her husband’s cooking is better than her own. In India, a vegetarian woman is adamant on divorce if her husband doesn’t stop demanding chicken for dinner. Isolated cases or proof that when it comes to the kitchen, two’s a crowd?

According to relationship gurus, sharing a roof with others, be they partner, friend or random Gumtree stranger, should be a soul-enriching exercise in tolerance, compassion and ego-slimming compromise. However, the realities of cohabitation tend more towards petty point-scoring, the long-lasting silent grudge and all-out domestic warfare. The kitchen provides a prime site for a battle, especially between those who love to cook and those who view it as a place to keep the microwave.

It starts innocuously… [Read full story at]

Eaten on Day 284 of 365:

06.15 Croissant
09.45 Toast with Jam
13.00 Carrot and Coriander Soup and Bread
15.00 Orange and Chocolate Biscuit
18.40 Green Apple
20.30 Lasagne, Garlic bread, Match Sticks, Brownie Square

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