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So, why does everything taste of banana when you've had one in your lunch box?

October 17, 2011


I’ve been taking banana to work for a while, usually I put it in my lunch box. However it’s only recently that I’ve noticed that when I take the banana to work in the lunch box, everything in the lunch box, including sandwiches, has a hint of banana to it.

This is really annoying, as the flavour of banana is quite sweet. You don’t want to be eating a banana flavoured cheese sandwich, that’s just weird (although that’s what I’ve been doing recently). I’ve done some research and managed to find that it’s to do with the bacteria on bananas. As you may know, bananas aren’t grown it the UK and most will come from much hotter climates. To allow them to travel here, they need to be picked green. The ‘ripening’ process then begins.

This process is actually a slow rotting process caused by bacteria. This bacteria is obviously very small, as almost all single called organisms are, and permeates through to your sandwiches and other foods crammed into your lunch box.

So, what’s the answer? Well, the only answer is to remove the banana from he lunch box and take it separately. Or take it in it’s own box, if you really feel the need!

Eaten today:
7:30 cereal
13:10 Philadelphia sandwich, sun bites, banana, brunch bar
18:30 Pesto and broccoli pasta, with salad, brownie, toast

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