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My Problem

October 19, 2011

My problem is that I want everything. But like every problem, there is a solution. Usually the solution is somebody telling me that I don’t need, can’t afford, shouldn’t buy, don’t have time for this thing I want. That is usually enough to stop me collecting the things I want.

This system breaks down every now and then when the person who is supposed to be saying no, says yes. This was the case this weekend, when Tash decided she would also like an iPad. Therefore, the iPad was bought without too much further thought.

The purchase of this device has opened up new avenues of interest. Now I can happily write my posts easily in the evening without having to prat around with my laptop, instead prattling around in style. News and blogs (when I’ve set this up) will come to me without much effort and I can play lots of fun games like uno (an expensive pack of cards at £399).

So now you can expect lots of food app reviews, with the likes of Jamie Oliver’s app scoring highly all over the place, I need to sample them for myself.

Anyway, as this is a food blog not a technology one, here’s what I’ve eaten today:

7:20 Cereal
12:40 philadelphia sandwich, banana, brunch bar
19:50 Chocolate buttons, waffles

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