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Cookbooks Sales Up but Foodies Looking elsewhere for Recipes

October 24, 2011

Following on from a recent post, Google have added fuel to my fire by suggesting more and more people are going online for their recipes.

Earlier this year Google launched a new recipe search in the UK, having guinea-pigged it in America and Japan. This proves what you’ve surely noticed: that more and more people are using the internet to help them decide what to cook. Blogs, aggregators of chefs’ recipes and online compendiums of family cooking are snatching at the apron-tails of magazines and cookbooks.

The Guardian’s Word of Mouth has the scoop, whilst a related story reviews the plethora of cookbooks set to hit the market this Christmas.

So do we buy cookbooks for recipes?

06.35 Bran Flakes
11.00 Special K and a Satsuma
13.10 Chicken, Pesto and Sun Dried Tomatoes with Penne Pasta
16.05 Peanut M&Ms
20.05 Sausage & Olive Hot Pot
20.30 Satsuma

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