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Retailers Need to Make Chosing Potatoes Easier for Shoppers

October 24, 2011

The Potato Council conducted some supermarket research (released earlier this month) which suggested that shoppers need more helpful information at the point of sale. 30% of shoppers make the choice of which potato to buy at the potato section, which means 70% decide elsewhere. Apparently, 60% decide before they walk through the supermarket door.

That is quite ridiculous. As if 60% of shoppers decide which potato variety to buy before they enter the shop. I would be surprised if 60% of shoppers have even decided to buy a potato before they get there. I am equally surprised that shoppers need more information than they already get. Over 80% said they wanted more information on uses and varieties. Feel free to give them more information, but I am sure it won’t be read.

I think the problem is that if you ask someone a question like, “would you like more information?”, it makes them think, “oh, would I?”. Before you ask them they don’t have an opinion either way, in fact they probably don’t care. If they were asking for it then fine, give it to them. But if you ask a question, you’ll get an answer.

7:30 Fruity museli (probably won’t have this too often, not the biggest fan, but that’s the problem with having a new cereal every week)
13:00 Pizza, banana, brunch bar
17:45 graze box, stuffed peppers, bread

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