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Innocent fruit machine

October 25, 2011

innocent has perfected the traditional Fruit Machine game to ensure everyone wins when they spin. And 10 lucky winners will be able to create their own unique smoothie bottle where they choose what is written on the label.

Give the Fruit Machine a spin and you can win all kinds of prizes from shopping vouchers to spa days, gig tickets to cookery classes and, of course, lots of delicious innocent smoothies. If you win one of our special unique smoothie bottles, you just have to think of what you’d like the label to say and we’ll create it. Just for you.

The innocent Fruit Machine is offering so many prizes that if you don’t like what you win you can give your prize to a friend and spin the machine again.

The innocent Fruit Machine is ready to be spun on the innocent facebook page, so pop over there now and get ready to win.

Eaten today:

7:25 cereal
13:10 bagel, sun bites, brunch bar
18:00 sausage and aubergine carbonara made by the amazing Tash
20:00 pick n mix
23:00 custard cream

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