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Innocent Fruit Machine: Reviewed

October 26, 2011

Following Tom’s post from yesterday, and my inability not to turn down a free spin on a fruit machine, today I downloaded the app on Facebook to have a go. It makes sense that the company that helps us towards five pieces of fruit a day (and veg if you’ve tried their veg pots), should create a game around fruit.

How it works

You start with one free spin and you’re guaranteed to win whatever happens, but some prizes are better than others. As with most fruit machines, if you’re not quite happy with the prize you can risk it for a better one. The risk is not losing the voucher entirely either, as to gain another free spin you can gift the voucher to a friend.

The best prize I got was a £1 voucher off a strawberries and banana smoothie (my favourite flavour), but I lost it risking it for an even better prize, like a spa day or a cookery class. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be, so I ended up with only 50p off.

So my advise is, be careful what you wish for or be prepared to fill up your friends notifications with innocent smoothie vouchers.

Here’s the link to the innocent facebook page so you can go and spin.

Eaten Today:

09.30 Toast and Honey
11.05 Clementine
12.40 Ham & Cheese Roll with Crunch
18.15 Lasagne, Potatoes, Salad and Fruit Cake

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