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Great British Food Revival Returns

October 27, 2011

The show born out of a desire to promote British produce, on variety at a time, is back for a second series. Last time I wrote about the first series I was quite critical and the article drew some interesting comments. In principle, many enjoyed the show but the ‘revival’ falls a little short in my books.

The second series seems to follow the same pattern. Talk about some produce, cook some food with it, meet some producers, tell people to eat it. Job done. Well, again, I don’t think its enough. You can’t just tell people to do something and expect them to do it, even if you say please. There needs to be something extra.

Ainsley’s part of today’s show was prime example. The message was so mixed. It started as new need to be buying fresh peas (which I thought was odd anyway), then moved to buy peas in any shape or form. It started so strongly with, ‘frozen peas are stopping childhood memories, they’re worse than fresh’ but finished with ‘frozen peas are great too’. Ainsley then made two dishes with peas involved, but only at as an ingredient, and not really the main one.

I think promoting something at dish level is good idea, but not with peas.

Anyway, here is what I ate today:
7:30 cereal
13:10 home made veg pot, graze box, medley bar, bread roll
18:20 vegetable stir fry
20:45 wispa bar

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