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DIY Breakfast

October 29, 2011

Of course breakfast is normally DIY. Whether it’s pouring milk onto your Cornflakes, crafting an English breakfast or even buying a sausage and egg McMuffin, you’ve probably done it yourself. But this post is about creating your perfect cereals without the cereal manufacturers help.

Some mornings I like Kellogg’s Fruit and Nut, others I like Special K and on a particularly busy morning I’d prefer to have banana with Weetabix. The problem is sometimes I’d like bran flakes with strawberries or Weetabix with some sultanas.

So today I invested in a number of ingredients to go with plain cereals, such as cashew nuts, sultanas, dried apple and dried apricot. Now when I wake up I can pick a cereal and a topping; much like a sandwich.

More to follow.

Eaten Today:

08.40 Oatabix
11.30 Honey on Toast
14.10 Ham and Mustard Sandwich x2 Olive x1
15.10 Chocolate Orange Segment x4
19.30 Tagliatelle alla carbonara
Other: Satsuma, Olive, Rivita, Mini Milky way, 3 cashew nuts

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