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Looking into the Crystal Ball

November 6, 2011

So both myself and Lee, have tirelessly worked to bring you a short (sometimes long) post on what we’ve eaten every single day this year. It’s gone from a ‘must remember to do that’ to a complete obsession, and now it’s a rare occasion that I forget. It’s a routine.

We started out trying to remember what we’ve eaten, and the enthusiasm took care of writing. My brain has now been trained to the extent that it can regurgitate every item of food that passes my tongue over a 24 hour period. I appreciate this skill at present, but I’m wondering if it will be something that gets lost over time if it’s not used. I assume it is an improvement in short-term memory, which I am glad of.

I’ve forgotten what I was supposed to put here. Oh yes, food that I’ve eaten today.

Crisps, brownie, roast beef, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower cheese, beans, bakewell tart and ice-cream, pick and mix.

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