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Calling All Foodies

November 12, 2011

One Chicken Nugget was formed on the first of the first of 2011. By two early twenties who had both an interest in technology and more importantly an interest in food. It was created as a new years resolution to capture every single item of food these two people eat in twelve months. And twelve months only.

Since that miserably grey and overcast Saturday evening, when we wrote our first posts One Chicken Nugget has grown into something much greater than a list of food items. Both Tom and I have endeavoured to write a post a day about something interesting relating to food and it’s not always been easy (a cave in Ibiza being my most difficult encounter). We’ve written posts about the most outrageously outlandish things, and also occasionally tackled some more serious issues such as growing populations, poverty and the future of food. Whatever we’ve written, what’s for sure is that Tom and I have spent what little spare time we’ve had each day putting something, hopefully interesting, up on screen.

We’ve also joined a community. We’ve joined the foodie community and you’ve genuinely welcomed us. We’ve collaborated so much, with some of the most interesting, creative and dynamic people I’ve ever come across, that we’ve even had to build a section on our website just for those occasions.

But that’s all about to end.

On the 31st of December our last post will be published. That leaves just 49 days. It’s finally hit us that we might actually finish our task and at that point we’ll have to stop posting. Leaves us in a interesting position, is the prize of completing our task leaving this community of quite remarkable people? I don’t know.

What we do know is that before we finish we want to give something back. We want to use our site which now has more readers than we ever imagined to highlight some of the most interesting people in this community. During the whole month of December, we want to hand over part of our site everyday to you. We’re opening up 31 slots to allow a post a day by a foodie out there.

The post should be about you and your food passion. It should include at least one photo and between 300-1000 words. Anyone can post and ideally your post might include some of the following:

– What makes food special to you? What’s your link to food?
– Something about your foodie specialism and area of interest (it could be the best berries, your favourite food art, a review of a cookbook, your favourite restaurant, your most delicious secret chocolate recipes, the future of farming, the solution for feeding a growing population…)
– Your thoughts on the future of food (however you wish to interpret that).
– If you could change one thing in the world of food, what would it be?
– Lightheartedness!

We are accepting posts from, well, right now and we’ll book out the spaces on a first come, first serve basis.

To book your slot, get in contact by tweeting us @onechicknnugget with the hashtag #ocnDecember. If you don’t tweet, just leave a comment below, or email us.


Finally, here’s what I’ve eaten today:

10.10 Toast
13.05 Homemade carrot & coriander soup
15.30 Chocolate Tart
19.20 Homemade lasagne (including thyme and rosemary – a massive bonus in flavour!)

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