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Eat Me!

November 13, 2011

It’s a rare occasion that I buy a book. In fact, my ‘library’ would struggle to fill much more than one shelf. What I was hoping when Tash and I bought our iPad, was that I would use it as an e-reader. So far there is one book one that virtual shelf.

Actually, I am lying. It’s not even a whole book. It’s just one chapter. But for the first time this weekend, I can say I have e-read something. That something being a free chapter from Sir Alan Sugar’s latest book, called ‘The Tiny Fork Diet’. If I’m completely honest, when I started reading it I was almost sure that it was not an official chapter from his book. I thought it was some very elaborate joke played by someone with far to much time on their hands. However, I was wrong, it was authentic Sugar.

In this chapter, he describes his own struggle with weight yo-yo-ing and how he’s decided to combat it with his little fork. It’s basically that thing where you eat less because you feel full because you’re taking so long to eat anything because you’ve got a little fork. I’m sure it works. You get bored of eating and so you feel full and stop. Very clever.

He also mentions in this chapter, his obsession with calorie counting. And so, as recommended by the Sir himself, I purchased a little book. It tells me how many calories are in everything, literally. So now I know exactly how much I am eating (and drinking – it does them too). The way Alan puts it makes the whole idea of maintaining a healthy weight seem a lot more interesting than it was before. Now I see it as a challenge. “…if you have the self discipline.” are the words from the book which resonate. I think to myself, “of course I do, watch this”. The ‘this’ in that sentence is what began today with the buying of the little book and the intended following weight loss. Just watch, Sir Sugar.

Whilst buying that little book, I also came across more reading material. ‘Eat Me’ magazine, a fairly new magazine on ‘food culture’. It’s something I’ve been looking to buy for a little while, and today I finally parted with the £4 it costs.

At the time of writing I have read only one small article from the magazine. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was on the subject of Kinder Eggs. More specifically, how to open them. Bizarre as this article sounds for what appears to be an upmarket chunk of food culture reading, I was more than happy to see that the type of dross content which has been appearing on One Chicken Nugget for nearly a whole 11 months, actually has a market!

People want to read about things like the best way to open a Kinder Egg, which leaves me with hope that people want to read about who aliens would eat if they invaded.

Remember that we are looking 31 top foodies bring One Chicken Nugget to a close in December! Look out for #ocnDecember on twitter. See here for more information.

Happy Sunday all!

Eaten today:

11:30 Cereal

13:30 Bagel

19:00 Wedges, mayo

20:30 Milky way

And total calories, just for you Sir Alan, 1,095. Winner.

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