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Fresh From Australia

November 14, 2011

Tonight I had planned to write about something else, but I can’t resist changing to this after seeing Tom’s post.

I recently came across a product in Australia designed with the aim to make fruit juice more appealing to children. Designed to take the place of the fizzy sugary coke can. Designed to get into the lunchbox. It’s called… “LOL“.

LOL is a regular, unsweetened 99% fruit juice which has been carbonated for a fizzy taste. Rich in Vitamin C, the LOL range has no added sugars, preservatives or artificial colours making them a great option for the school lunch box.

The good news for kids (and mums!), is that this delicious range is school canteen registered – Healthy Kids Registered Amber Product and FOCiS approved.

Now available in 6 fruity flavours, each 250ml can is equivalent to approximately one serve of fruit.

The Range

U Da Man – thirst-quenching apple and mandarin flavour
Straz Bri – a flavourful, sweet blend of apple and strawberry
P Chee – tasty fruit salad combo of apple, peach and mango
Razz Bri – a delicious blend of apple and raspberry
Tropkl – summery tastes of apple, pineapple and passionfruit
B Current – long-time favourite flavour, apple and blackcurrant

In Food News, Eaten Today:

06.35 Alpen
10.40 Toast, Grapes, Clementine
13.40 Chilli in Jacket Potato
15.00 Dark Chocolate
19.10 Chicken Tagine with Cous Cous
19.30 Fruit Salad

Remember that we are looking 31 top foodies bring One Chicken Nugget to a close in December! Look out for #ocnDecember on twitter. See here for more information.

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