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No Lunch (trimmings) Today

November 16, 2011

Something was missing from my cheese and smokey bacon crisp sandwich today. Something wasn’t quite right. You know that feeling you get when you’ve finished a task but feel like you’ve forgotten something? Well that was the case with me today. Lunch was the task and the trimmings were what was missing. After reading tom’s post on #LunchTrimmings today, I realised I didn’t have any. No clementine, no banana, no extra crisps, no Penguin or Club bar, no Frube, not even an innocent smoothie.

That got me thinking, if you could have your favorite sandwich for lunch and two trimmings to go with it, what would they be? 

Answers on a postcard. Or perhaps if you’re a little more technological that that you might wish to send us over your answers via Twitter (#LunchTrimmings). It would be nice to receive a postcard from time to time though…

Eaten Today:

07.45 Cherios  
11.10 Nutrigrain bar
13.00 Cheese & Smokey Bacon Sandwich
16.05 Galaxy Squares
19.15 Lasagna with Chips and Salad

If you’re still reading and some sort of tweeter, also check out #ocnDecember. 

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