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China (No) Star

November 17, 2011

This week, we decided to start a new household tradition of Takeout Thursdays. Those who know me will know Curry & a Beer has always been a tradition of mine on a Thursday, but I feel I’ve let that slip lately… So tonight we re-ignited the tradition. 

Between us you could sense a slight excitement to be deviating to a new place in our culinary journeys, but it was abruptly ended when we chose Cheshunt’s ‘China Star’ to order from. Known for it’s cheap pricing strategy and coming in with a good review we thought the jackpot had been hit. The rocket like speed of deliver (10 mins) was to be its downfall as the food arrived stodgy, dry and stale as if it had been hanging around for the past week. The flavour was non existent and overall China star gets no stars.

Eaten Today:

06.30 Toast
08.15 Grapes and Banana
11.00 Toast
14.10 Sweet Chilli Chicken with rice, followed by grapes & clementine
20.10 Chinese: Prawn Crackers, Vegetable Noodles, Hong Kong Chicken, Satay Chicken.
21.50 Strawberries & clementine x2

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