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Borough Cheese Company: 14 Month Comte

November 19, 2011

There were plenty of highlights to be had today, sampling some of the greatest culinary food our capital City has to offer. You’ll have seen Tom’s review with some characteristically exceptional photos and his highlights; but for me the highlight had to be the cheese, but we’ll get to that.

Amongst the food we sampled, was Konditor & Cook’s self proclaimed ‘best brownies in the Borough’ which were at a very high standard, but not quite gooey enough in the centre for me (although I think there are a few different types of brownies and it’s a very subjective debate that I’ll save for another day). Their website also boasts 4 brownies for £5 but unfortunately they were only willing to give us 3 brownies for the same amount.

Next on our culinary journey was Patisserie Valerie which really was quite exceptional and if you do get a chance in London make sure you drop in for a visit at Covent Garden. Their cakes were delicious, beautiful, rich and a perfect lunchtime treat.

We also had time to stop in the rainforest cafe for dinner, which I was distinctly unimpressed with. My chilli was fine despite having little if any kick and whilst the venue is definitely worth stopping by, if you haven’t got an army of children celebrating their birthday it might not be for you.

So let’s talk cheese.

Amongst every place we visited today in London, Borough Market Cheese was my favourite. I’m a big fan of cheese, and admit to an almost weekly cheese night, but their 14 Month Comte really has something special about it. It’s texture was dense and smooth and it’s taste was a little nutty, a little sweet and a lot rich; a perfect partner with a crusty loaf or crackers, apple and red grapes. If you’re in the market this week (Thurs, Fri, Sat) be sure to ask for a sample of this delicious cheese. I would ask for a wheel if you can afford it!

Comte 14 month

Eaten Today:

07.50 Market Sausage Sandwich
11.30 Borough Market Cheese Company Comte Sample
12.30 Konditor & Cook Fudgepacker Brownie
15.15 Patisserie Valerie Strawberry Mille-Fueille
17.30 Rainforest Cafe Chilli
21.30 Olives, Halloumi, Hummus, Pitta & Baby Plum Tomatoes

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