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Ordering Bananas, Cheese & Milk on Amazon

November 22, 2011

In the build up to Christmas, this week Amazon will achieve one of their largest number of hits in a week this year, possibly the largest number of the year, possibly the largest number of hits ever (so far). As Black Friday week truly gets underway customers will be racing in their flocks to find a great deal on electricals, books, DVDs, toys, cookware and more.

What they might be a little surprised to stumble upon is Amazon Grocery the (relatively) new department where you can buy international produce from around the globe as well as fruit and veg.

You may have read about the service quite some time ago, when the service was in its very early days, but since then it has continued to grow it’s product range rapidly.

“’s aim is to be the place where customers can find and discover any product they want to buy online,” said director of grocery James Leeson.

“The long term potential of Amazon’s food & grocery offer is likely to be in developing a reputation for bulk and niche purchases and offering a platform for smaller food & grocery suppliers rather than cultivating a significant share of the UK food & grocery market,” said Verdict analyst Joe Robinson.

But for those of you searching for a bunch of bananas, a block of cheddar or a smoked string of garlic then your luck is in too.

You can also put an order in through your iPhone and have it delivered to work if you’re constantly on the move, but be prepared for an uncharacteristically hefty delivery fee of over £7. The beauty of the service is the ability to get products not commonly available as well as buying in bulk, however, when buying a simple banana, it might be worth just taking a trip to your local market (and a little better for the community and environment too).

And Finally…

If you’re after a little night cap, you’ll find French 68% absinth there too.

Eaten Today:

06.30 Alpen
08.40 Grapes, Blueberries
11.20 Toast
13.40 Piri Piri Chicken
16.30 Clementine x2
19.40 Sausage & Mash with Carrots
20.10 Mini Magnum

Remember that we are looking 31 top foodies bring One Chicken Nugget to a close in December! Look out for #ocnDecember on twitter. See here for more information.

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