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Video Interview Filming

November 24, 2011

Sometimes my job comes up trumps and I get to do very interesting things. This afternoon was one of those occasions. Today I was filming with Simon of Blue Skies produce. You may have heard of them before, but odds are you won’t have. However, if you’ve ever bought some prepared fresh fruit in Waitrose, odds are it will have been produced by these guys.

Blue Skies

Blue Skies have been cutting and packing just harvested fruit and delivering it to Europe since 1998. While that doesn’t seem very long, Blue Skies now employs 2000 people from across Africa, and at their HQ based in Northamptonshire. They have a fantastic ethos which is all based around sustainability and their Joint Effort Enterprise.

They do so much and have so many interesting projects and stories that it’s virtually impossible to get it all down here. But luckily we’ve made a video! And hopefully that will be available soon, and as that’s down to me to get done, it will be! If you want to be first in the know you can sign up to the LEAF EBrief here.

In the mean time, enjoy some fruit and have a look at the pineapple story (below) or take a look at Blue Skies website.

Remember that we are looking 31 top foodies bring One Chicken Nugget to a close in December! Look out for #ocnDecember on twitter. See here for more information.

And what I’ve eaten today:

7:20 Cereal
13:00 Sunbites, oat bar
19:00 Chilli, rice, ben and jerry’s frozen yoghurt

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