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Cologne Food Guide – Bratwurst

December 3, 2011

In the highly anticipated build up to the seven Christmas markets of Cologne this Winter, tonight Tom kicked off with the first of a few posts on typical German food with Kartoffelpuffer. I’m going to follow it with something I can’t go to Germany without eating, summer or winter and that is of course German Brat Wurst (or a good quality hot dog to any non German speakers).

The name “Bratwurst” most often refers to a sausage made from pork in a natural casing and is grilled or fried in a pan. It is a favorite in Germany, with each region having its own specialty.

One of the things I love most about being in Germany in winter is the fact that the season doesn’t stop them lighting up up a grill and gulping down hot cider or mulled wine (winter BBQ). There’s a fantastic smell to winter in Cologne and one I’m eagerly waiting to relive as we delve into all the City has to offer!

Eaten Today:

09.45 Toast
10.30 Galaxy
13.20 Spaghetti and Broccoli
16.10 Crepe and Hot Chocolate
17.50 Cheese Twist (Half)
20.15 Nandos: Single Chicken Breast Pitta, Slaw, Fries, Halloumi and Peas.
21.20 Fruitella

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