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Cologne Food Guide – Halver Hahn

December 5, 2011

© Superbass / CC-BY-SA-3.0 (via Wikimedia Commons)

Another installment from the Cologne food guide, this time it’s Halver Hahn. This is apparently a cheese sandwich of some description (correct me if I’m wrong). Here’s a translated extract from German Wikipedia (please note bold terms):

Halver Hahn is the Rhenish expression for a rye bread with cheese. The sandwiches (half a rye roll) is usually with butter, one or two thick slices of middle-aged Gouda cheese and served with pickles and mustard, to some extent with in sliced ​​onions and a pinch of paprika. The court is in the Rhine bars and restaurants is widespread. To the origin of the name (High German: half cock) Many legends.

Eaten today:

6:45 Cereal
13:15 Coronation chicken sandwich, sunbites, yoghurt, quality street x2
15:35 Quality street
17:50 Graze box
19:00 cheese and onion crisp bake, mini mars bar

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