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La Popcorn Vs Empire State

December 5, 2011

Tonight a fierce food fight broke out in Lord Sugar’s den as both Junior Apprentice teams fought it out for their place in the final. The task? To create an innovative popcorn brand. This is not such a simple task and some might remember Heston Blumenthal’s failed attempt to win over CineWorld with ice cream and curried flavour popcorn.

Empire State Popcorn

The defiant team battled on and both managed to ultimately win over 90,000 orders from airlines, cinemas and supermarkets respectively despite characteristically internal arguments throughout. La Popcorn, Culture Popcorn, Smoochies and Empire State Popcorn were all in the mixer, and surprisingly Lord Sugar cited Smoochies as his favourite.

Junior Apprentice

It came down to one order from the supermarkets which left La Popcorn (literally translated the popcorn) in front by 10,000 orders and so despite public opinion, Harry², Haya and Lizzie left the board room unsuccessful.

That was not however the public decision on twitter, where I struggled to find one fan of La Popcorn, not even the Lord himself.

Eaten Today:

06.45 Toast with Jam
11.10 Toast with Marmite
14.15 Chilli Jam Ciabatta
17.05 Club (orange)
20.00 Bangers and Mash followed by Galaxy and Clementine

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