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My thoughts on pollen

December 10, 2011

I first came across the notion of pollen as a food a few weeks ago at the BBC Good Food Show, where me and Lee met David Mason of Global Harvest Ltd. David sells wild fennel and dill pollen, which a number of top chef are starting to use. I was talking about this yesterday at my work Christmas dinner, having seen a masterchef contender using some pollen, and I was informed that there was also bee’s pollen.

Right, I understand fennel pollen (to some extent – see a little bit below), but what the hell is bee’s pollen. As far as I’m aware, bee’s don’t have pollen. They don’t flower, they do good old animal style reproduction, so therefore, no pollen. But somehow humans are getting hold of this bee’s pollen and eating it. I’ve come to the conclusion that some people out there are acting as the bee police. It works in the same way as people police, but without the prisons and that.

The criminal bee is hopping around flower to flower nicking some pollen as it goes. Eventually the bee is found by a member of the bee police and arrested. The contraband pollen is confiscated and put into some jar to hold it. If no flower claims the pollen in a few weeks, the jar of confiscated pollen is auctioned off (or put into Sainsburys) similar to those auctions you always hear about but never actually see, where police auction off all the stolen TVs and stuff for next to nothing.

Another point, how can you call it bee’s pollen? It doesn’t belong to the bee! If I went round picking up sausages, pork, a couple of steaks and some pigeon, then mixed it all up and sold it on as Tom’s meat, is that acceptable? No, I would have to declare what meat it is, and so should the bees.

Now, fennel pollen. I don’t get it. The flavour is, like the flavour of many other things, very aniseedy. So I have to ask, do we need it? It’s not like people are looking at the pollen and salivating. It’s just another one of those cases of too much choice, I think. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should [eat pollen].

Have you seen one of the bushtucker trials on “I’m a celebrity…”? Where they eat kangaroo testicles? Well, pollen is plant testicles. I’ll leave you with that lingering thought.

Eaten today:

10:00 Cereal
14:10 crisps, dip, pot noodle
18:10 Lasagne, wedges, salad, chocolate souffle

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