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Evernote Food

December 11, 2011

This afternoon I came across a new app released just last week on the app store, designed and built for foodies to collect, organise and share their food experiences through their iPhone and iPad. The app also looks to be building a community of likeminded foodies. I took some screenshots and tried it out…

Ever Note Food

Ever Note Food

I’ve had a little play and from first impressions, it seems simple enough to use, upload, tag and comment on food you’ve eaten and the ‘memories’. Essentially however it’s just an app where you can store and I guess organise your photos of food. At this stage it offers less than instagram or the photo app where you can already organise your photos, take photos of lots of things and do other cool stuff with them too.

Overall I think it’s a nice idea but at the moment without being able to view others experiences, recipes, tips and food, its a nice looking app that offers nothing exceptional. I hope once people start uploading and using it then it becomes a hub for foodies; but that will only happen with content; content only comes with buy in; and public buy in only comes with a unique offer… It certainly would have enhanced Tom and my journey over this year, especially if it was integrated with WordPress. It would be great to do a map of everything we’ve eaten!

Eaten Today:

11.15 Bacon and Egg Sandwich
13.50 Quiche, Brie, Cranberry and Crackers
18.45 Slow Roasted Lamb, Roasted New Potatoes and Runner Beans
19.50 some chocolate

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