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Am I part of the 'Jamie Oliver' generation?

December 15, 2011

Having stumbled upon this article today, it occurs to me that I am probably part of this ‘Jamie Oliver’ generation. Although I wouldn’t give him all the credit.

Shoppers under the age of thirty five are the children of the foodie revolution. Having grown up with celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay as household names, many of them have a strong aspiration for good quality food and an unashamed passion for cooking.

Vanessa Henry, IGD

I am one of:

  • The 51% cooking from scratch more
  • The 43% cooking with more leftovers
  • The 30% with more awareness of ‘ethical produce’
  • The 19% going to ‘specialist’ stores
  • The 27% expecting quality to become more important to them than saving money when grocery shopping over the year ahead
  • The 30% prepared to pay a little extra for premium quality when grocery shopping

So I’m pretty much an exact fit for the ‘Jamie Oliver’ generation…

Eaten today:

7:30 Cereal
13:15 Noodles

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