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Thanks for the Memories!

December 28, 2011

It’s worth starting today’s post by reiterating Tom’s points [click here to read], the memory of starting OCN seems very fresh in my mind and I’m sure Laura could reel of countless times when my time could have been used more productively/ preferably. So like Tom said thanks to everyone who has stumbled across this and stopped to take a look, and a greater thanks to everyone how has either had to put up with Tom and my new found obsession with anything food related or indeed guest posted themselves!

In an equally reflective manor I thought I would repost one of my favourite nuggets from the last year written collaboratively by Tom and I:

Dear Americano Plymouth

Hope you enjoy!

Eaten Today:

09.30 Grilled Tomato and Mushrooms on Toast
13.10 Cheese Roll
14.00 Chocolates lying around the house
18.50 Poppadoms, Chicken tikka biryani, After Eight

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