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Then There Was One…

December 30, 2011

Tomorrow marks the very final day of One Chicken Nugget. In for 364 days now, every single item that has been eaten by Tom and I has been collated and shortly after the last item is eaten we shall have some fun playing around with infographics of exactly what we’ve eaten. For example it’s very likely our most eaten food is:

22 Bags of Skittles
53 Croissants and 53 Pizzas
64 Bowls of Weetabix
110 Bananas
125 Clementines

And the winner is:

Toast (294 Pieces)

I’ll be ‘toasting’ in the new year with Tom tomorrow and celebrating with plenty of Champagne and of course a Plymouth Gin at Midnight! Happy New Year tomorrow if you don’t catch our final post before the ticks into 2012!

Eaten Today:

08.10 Toast Bagel and Scrambled Egg
15.40 Greggs Sausage Roll x2
20.25 Very Italian Bacon Taglettelli (including garlic, basil, bacon, red onion, white onion, oregano, courgette and lots of tomato).
Also 14 Celebrations (4 bounty, 8 Mars, 1 Snickers, 1 Milkyway).

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