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Imagine every single item of food two people eat in a year. That is One Chicken Nugget. A light hearted food blog that lists every single food item consumed by Lee and Tom since 00.00 on 1-1-11, along with a collection of our most outlandish thoughts on the world.

We have set out some explicit rules, you can give us new rules too, and we are bound to these rules by penalties, also chosen by you. Submit them via the Food Rules page.

The leftover chicken nuggets from dinner, shoved back in the luke warm oven to shrivel up and eventually go cold to eat when we stumbled in from New Years Eve. So dry, cold, disgusting, and two takeaways later, only one nugget ended up eaten, hence the name One Chicken Nugget. That’s just one of many things that will get eaten this year, this blog will attempt to list the rest…

There is a story behind ever single piece of food you eat. It’s not always exciting or even interesting, but, nonetheless, it tells a story of some sort…

Meet the amateur foodies:

Lee Tom
Name Lee Tom
Favourite food Kleftiko Pizza
Favourite ingredient Garlic Cheese
Favourite meat Lamb Beef
Least favourite food Tuna Marmite
Strangest thing cooked Naan bread cooked in Plymouth Gin Pin pizza
Favourite currency Swiss franc Anything but a Euro
Favourite animal Red panda Penguin
Favourite language Mandarin American English
Favourite bank UBS Natwest
Favourite seasoning Summer Salt

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  1. michael97f permalink
    January 21, 2011 10:46 am

    Favourite seasoning: Summer xD


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